1. We are telephone screening all patients.
  2. We are handling all potential COVID patients through tele-medicine (a video chat visit) and phone calls.
  3. We are available to order Covid-19 testing if necessary.
  4. After telephone screening, if a person is low risk for corona virus; we will bring that patient directly into an exam room, from outside through an alternate door.
  5. We are asking all people to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth while in the office.
  6. We have increased cleaning protocols:
    1. We have removed all toys and magazines.
    2. We are disinfecting the exam rooms more thoroughly, between patients and the office daily.
  7. We have created social distancing in the office.
  8. We are encouraging all visits that can be done with telemedicine to be done that way.
  9. We are asking patients to wait in their vehicle, instead of the waiting room, if possible.
  10. We are continuing to offer in person visits.

Thank-you for understanding and helping us to keep us all safe and healthy.