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Services Offered

Preventive Care

We emphasize patient education, preventive health advice, and patient involvement in health care.  A comprehensive health plan is outlined in our preventive screening handout. It explains how frequently children and adults should be seen for preventive checkups and details the frequency of certain laboratory and diagnostic tests as well as the most important health habits you should follow. Please ask for a copy of this pamphlet. Soon after becoming our patient, you should have a complete examination, following which we will discuss a personalized health maintenance program with you.

Our extensive library of patient literature is available to you. This library is continually updated and contains articles on a wide variety of health topics.

DOT Physicals

Dr. Sopchak has been certified to perform DOT physicals. Established patients of the practice as well as drivers who are not our patients may schedule their DOT exams with Dr. Sopchak.

Diagnostic Services

Among the diagnostic procedures we are equipped to do are the following: electrocardiograms (which we interpret), X-rays (using modern equipment which is monitored yearly by New York State), spirometry (an evaluation of lung function), pap smears (to check for cervical cancer), dexascans (to measure bone density), allergy desensitization therapy. We perform urinalyses, urine cultures, throat cultures, hemoglobin tests (for detection of anemia), blood glucose tests, pregnancy tests, stool occult blood tests and other selected tests. Cayuga Medical center runs a laboratory draw station in our building, which many patients find to be a great convenience.  Most laboratory results are available the next day, by computer.  If you choose to have your blood drawn at the Cayuga Medical Center facility in our office, you will be billed for the laboratory services directly by Cayuga Medical Center. Please check with your insurance company about coverage for laboratory tests.

House Calls

At our discretion we will make house calls for patients unable to come to the office. However, we generally feel we can offer you better care at the office.

Hospital Care

Although we no longer admit to any hospital, nor do we follow our patients in the hospital, we can make arrangements for patients to be admitted to Cayuga Medical Center or Cortland Regional Medical Center.. We can also arrange for you to be admitted to any other hospital of your choice.  We will resume your care in our office after your discharge from the hospital.


Please inform us of any emergency, as we have facilities for minor surgical procedures in our office.  We may be able to save you time and money by treating your emergency in our office.  We will advise you if we feel it is better that you go to the  Emergency Room or the Convenient Care Center. Please do call us, if possible, before coming to the office.  If the situation is obviously critical or life threatening, you should, of course, go directly to the hospital emergency room.

Newborn Care

We will gladly pick up the care of your newborn after you and the baby are discharged from the hospital.  We love little babies!  We will enjoy watching your baby grow and offering support and advice to you in this rapidly changing period of life.

Minor Surgery

We offer you a wide range of services in office surgery and skin care. Removal of moles, skin cancers, cysts, warts, and repair of lacerations are among the procedures we do in the office. Freezing of skin lesions (cryocautery) is available.


We are able to meet nearly all your health needs; but in situations where referral to a specialist is desirable we will be pleased to help you select a well qualified specialist. When you conclude your treatment, the consulting physician will send us all necessary medical information for your records.

Electronic Medical Records

As we strive to implement new ways to improve your care and improve our efficiency, we have decided to use and electronic health record technology. We think you will see the following:

  • Faster refills on prescriptions.  Our orders are transmitted directly to your pharmacy (no more doctor’s handwriting!)
  • Newer and better ways to see if you are up to date with preventive health care.
  • Easier and faster scheduling of appointments and consultations with specialists.
  • Fewer questions from insurance companies due to more sophisticated claims submissions.
  • Respect for your privacy, and security for your medical information.  Our electronic health record system is protected by state-of-the-art firewalls and encryption.  We enter your visits directly into a computer. We hope this will not be distracting to you as we see you in the examination room. We will be glad to show you how it all works.