Among the diagnostic procedures we are equipped to do are the following: electrocardiograms (which we interpret), X-rays (using modern equipment which is monitored yearly by New York State), spirometry (an evaluation of lung function), pap smears (to check for cervical cancer), dexascans (to measure bone density), allergy desensitization therapy. We perform urinalyses, urine cultures, throat cultures, hemoglobin tests (for detection of anemia), blood glucose tests, pregnancy tests, stool occult blood tests and other selected tests. Cayuga Medical center runs a laboratory draw station in our building, which many patients find to be a great convenience.  Most laboratory results are available the next day, by computer.  If you choose to have your blood drawn at the Cayuga Medical Center facility in our office, you will be billed for the laboratory services directly by Cayuga Medical Center. Please check with your insurance company about coverage for laboratory tests.