Violence prevention, especially related to guns, is a concern and a problem that can be prevented.
Our two major concerns are:
1. children accidentally killing other children with a loaded weapon and
2. impulsive suicide (the kind where someone becomes despondent and in a fit of emotion decides to end their life)
To prevent these tragedies we suggest:
1. Store weapons separate from ammunition
2. Weapons should be unloaded
3. Ideally ammunition should be in a locked safe
4. Quicklocks, Trigger locks, personalized safety devices, and other types of weapon locks are available and should be considered to make the weapon safe. (see below) Check your local sports store for these items. Gun safes are also available.
If you are keeping a weapon for personal safety carefully think about the risks to children and take steps to keep them safe.

Examples of existing devices:
Electronic FSD Armatix Quicklock
Electronic FSD: Armatix Quicklock

Trigger lock
Trigger lock

Built in combination lock
Built in combination lock

Smith Wesson childproof revolver developed in the 1880s
Smith & Wesson “childproof” revolver developed in the 1880’s. Handgrip requires additional pressure to fire weapon

Hand grip identification with magnetic activation
Hand grip-identification with magnetic activation. When the trigger is pulled the magnet (6) moves past the sensor (7), turning on the computer chip. The chip reads the pressure sensors
on the outside of the two computer boards.

Smith and Wesson smartgun prototype
Smith and Wesson smartgun prototype.